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Revision Date Description
1.27 05/13/2024 Metrics selection
1.26 02/13/2024 correct documentation error for /v2/subscriptions
1.25 01/26/2024 Black carbon metrics added
1.24 01/16/2024 v2 is now current for all uses, v1 is fully deprecated
1.23 01/10/2024 Support for fetching datasource measurements with continuation tokens
1.22 11/10/2023 v2 endpoints locked down. Closed feedback period that started with v1.18
1.21 11/03/2023 Multiple response formats for recent measurements
1.20 10/31/2023 Metrics dictionary added
1.19 09/22/2023 Add example code for working with recent datasource measurements
1.18 08/17/2023 Stable v2 endpoints for Datasources, Subscriptions, Measurements
1.17 08/11/2023 Clarify where to find code and org in Clarity Dashboard
1.16 05/30/2023 Add location to response from /v2/devices/nodes(if the node is working)
1.15 05/4/2023 Removing /v1/readings as functionality is now available via more modern endpoints
1.14 04/24/2023 No changes, just added heads up comments of expected changes to v2 datasources and measurements
1.13 09/08/2022 Added v2 endpoints for device health and status
1.12 10/13/2021 Added Standard AQIs, Ozone and 24-hr rolling mean and NowCast aggregations
1.11 09/01/2021 Added windSpeed, windDirection to measurement response (when available)
1.10 01/20/2021 Added life stage explanation and reviewed descriptive language
1.9 01/18/2021 Added health status fields and node configuration to the repsonse of /devices API
1.8 08/28/2020 Enforce data subscriptions; Fix measurement start_time, end_time when timespan is hour or day
1.7 05/13/2020 Use ethreain API keys; The nodes user can access is managed by data subscription service
1.6 10/16/2019 Support serving gzip compressed data
1.5 09/25/2019 Added aqi query parameter to /measurements API
1.4 09/18/2019 Added /readings API
1.3 09/17/2019 Added enabledCharacteristics to Device; Reduced limit of list Measurement down to 5000
1.2 06/14/2019 Changed average description; Elaborated on the definition of time
1.1 06/04/2019 Fixed a few typos and Markdown syntax errors; Added elaborations on API improvements
1.0 06/03/2019 Initial publication