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Per-Org Datasources summary

GET {baseURl}/v2/datasources
Summary of datasources for an organization.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


query parameter description
org string
The ID of the organization.
Find it under the user profile section in Dashboard.
Example "myorgVD43"


attribute description
subscribingOrg str The org passed in as a parameter on the request.
datasources array List of datasources visible to the organization.


attribute description
datasourceId string Unique identifier of the datasource.
currentSubscriptionId string Unique identifier of the subscription currently attached to the datasource.
currentSourceId string Unique identifier of the device or reference site currently installed into the datasource.
sourceType string Either "CLARITY_NODE" or "REFERENCE_SITE".
orgAnnotations object Identifying information about the datasource as configured by the organization.

Org Annotations

attribute description
name string The name of the datasource.
group string The group of the datasource.
tags array List of strings representing the tags assigned to the datasource.

Example 200 Response

    "subscribingOrg": "demoABCD",
    "datasources": [
            "datasourceId": "DHARP5723",
            "orgAnnotations": {
                "group": null,
                "name": "San Pablo - Rumrill",
                "tags": [
            "currentSubscriptionId": "SDM6PK5WG",
            "currentSourceId": "RCRFVQH0",
            "sourceType": "REFERENCE_SITE"
            "datasourceId": "DNQPD5647",
            "orgAnnotations": {
                "group": "TEST_GROUP2",
                "name": "My pet device.",
                "tags": []
            "currentSubscriptionId": "SMATQB6ER",
            "currentSourceId": "A1234567",
            "sourceType": "CLARITY_NODE"