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/v1/datasources is replaced by /v2/datasources.

GET {baseUrl}/v1/datasources
Returns metadata for all datasources belonging to the organization of the caller.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


query parameter description
org string
Filter datasources by organization. If the API key provided identifies a user who has a role in more than one organization, then the org parameter specifies which org. If the parameter is not provided, then the default is to use the first org for that user.
Find the org ID by clicking on your user icon in Dashboard.
Example "myorgVD43"

🛈 In the upcoming v2 endpoint, this parameter will become required


List of datasource metadata

Datasource metadata

attribute description example
datasourceId string a legacy unique id of the datasource for this response.

⚠ In the upcoming v2 endpoint this identifier will change. Please do not retain it in your own data system.

deviceCode string The node ID (marked on the physical device).

🛈 In the upcoming v2 endpoint this will be renamed to sourceId — the value will be reliable across versions.

sourceType string A Clarity device "CLARITY_NODE"
or government reference site "REFERENCE_SITE"
name string Optional.
The name assigned to the data source by the organization. If the dataSource is not named, the underlying deviceCode is returned.
group string Optional.
The group assigned to the data source by the organization, or null if no group
tags list of string Optional.
Identifying tags assigned to the data source by the organization
["tag1", "tag2"]
subscriptionStatus string "active" or "expired" "active"
subscriptionExpirationDate string When the subscription to this datasource will expire "2028-03-15T00:00:00.000Z"

Example 200 Response

        "datasourceId": "4f4563fe43fd9995b9d2620e",
        "deviceCode": "A000001",
        "sourceType": "CLARITY_NODE",
        "name": "my name",
        "group": "group A",
        "tags": ["tag1", "tag2"],
        "subscriptionStatus": "active",
        "subscriptionExpirationDate": "2028-03-15T00:00:00.000Z"
        "datasourceId": "7b4887fe43ad0104b9e2652c",
        "deviceCode": "A000002",
        "sourceType": "CLARITY_NODE",
        "name": "another name",
        "group": "group A",
        "tags": ["tag2"],
        "subscriptionStatus": "active",
        "subscriptionExpirationDate": "2028-03-15T00:00:00.000Z"