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Per-Node Node details

GET {baseURl}/v2/devices/nodes/:nodeId
Detailed device information for a single node.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


path parameter description
nodeId string The target node ID (marked on the physical device).
Example "A0000001"
query parameter description
org string
The ID of the organization.
Find it under the user profile section in Dashboard.
Example "myorgVD43"


attribute description
nodeId string The node ID (marked on the physical device).
Example "A0000001"
model string The marketed name of the node.
Example "Node-S Global"
deployment object Information related to the node's deployment.
See Deployment.
lifeStage object Current state of a node's life stage.
See LifeStage.
pairedAccessoryModules array List of paired accessory modules (if any).
See Paired Accessory Module.
photos array List of photos related to the device (includes the deployment photo).
sku string The device's unique Stock-Keeping Unit code.
Example "CLA02-00001"


attribute description
aglHeight number Height above ground level, in meters.
indoor bool True = indoors
False = outdoors
location GeoJSON object The deployed location of the device.
see example below
roadDistance number Distance from road, in meters.

Example GeoJSON object

    "coordinates": [
        -122.2687187,  // longitude
        37.8712728     // latitude
    "type": "Point"


attribute description
stage string One of: purchased, configured, working, or decommissioned.
when string The ISO 8601 time when the node entered the given stage.

Paired Accessory Module

attribute description
accessoryId string The module ID (marked on the physical device).
Example "M0000001"
sku string The module's unique Stock-Keeping Unit code.
Example "CLA-WIND02"

Example 200 Response

    "nodeId": "A0000001",
    "model": "Node-S Global",
    "deployment": {
        "aglHeight": 1,
        "indoor": true,
        "location": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": [
        "roadDistance": 10
    "lifeStage": {
        "stage": "working",
        "when": "2022-07-05T20:38:54.020Z"
    "pairedAccessoryModules": [{
        "model": "KW-360",
        "accessoryId": "M0000001",
        "commonName": "Wind",
        "manufacturedBy": "Company",
        "sku": "CLA-WIND02"
    "photos": [""],
    "sku": "CLA02-00001"