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Accessory Modules

GET {baseURl}/v2/devices/accessory-modules
Returns a summary of all accessory modules with paired devices for a given organization.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


query parameter description
org string
The ID of the organization.
Find it under the user profile section in Dashboard.
Example "myorgVD43"


attribute description
status string The status of an accessory module.
See Status below.
sku string The module's unique Stock-Keeping Unit code.
Example "CLA-WIND02"
moduleId string The module ID (marked on the physical device).
Example "M0000001"
pairedNode string Optional. The node ID (marked on the physical device) of the paired device.
Example "A0000001"


  • "disabled": accessory is disabled
  • "paired": accessory is currently paired with a device
  • "not paired": accessory is enabled but not paired with a device

Example 200 Response

        "status": "disabled",
        "sku": "CLA-WIND02",
        "moduleId": "M0000001"
        "status": "paired",
        "sku": "CLA-WIND02",
        "moduleId": "M0000002",
        "pairedNode": "A0000001"
        "status": "not paired",
        "sku": "CLA-OZONE01",
        "moduleId": "M0000003"