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Historical measurements - Poll report status

GET {baseURl}/report-request/:reportId
Status and results for a requested report.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


path parameter description
reportId string The report ID that was returned when the report was requested. See Request report.
Example "JB000001"


attribute description
reportId string The reportId.
Example "JB000001"
reportStatus string One of in-progress, succeeded, or failed.
message string Details about the success or failure of the report.
report string The requested report.
query object Other parameters as passed to the original report request.
urls array List of urls for fetching report result file(s).
Contains only one element currently.
In the future, very long reports may span more than one file.
urlsExpireAt string The timestamp when the temporary urls in this response will expire.

Example 200 Response

    "reportId": "JBZZ6FQ8XX",
    "reportStatus": "succeeded",
    "report": "reference-site-measurements",
    "query": {
        "endTime": "2023-06-02T00:00:00.000Z",
        "outputFrequency": "hour",
        "refSiteIds": [
        "startTime": "2022-06-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    "urls": [
    "urlsExpireAt": "2023-08-01T01:01:27.718Z"