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Per-Org Status summary

GET {baseURl}/v2/devices/nodes/status-summary
Summary of device status for nodes in an organization.



  • x-api-key: the API key string.


query parameter description
org string
The ID of the organization.
Find it under the user profile section in Dashboard.
Example "myorgVD43"


attribute description
nodeId string The node ID (marked on the physical device).
Example "A0000001"
lastReadingReceivedAt string The ISO 8601 time for the last reading (null if no reading was ever received).
summaryPerCategory array Summary alarm status per category.
See Device Status Per Category.
batteryChargePercent number Remaining battery charge (ranges from 0 to 100).
signalLevel string Code that discretizes the signal strengths into 5 levels.
See Signal Levels.
overallStatus string Label that classify the overall health of a node.
See Overall Statuses.

Device Status Per Category

attribute description
alarmCategory string Label for the category. One of: activity, communication, power, internalsensors, or accessorymodule.
summary string ALARMS if any alarm is active, otherwise OK.

Signal Levels

  • 1-marginal
  • 2-ok
  • 3-good
  • 4-excellent
  • unknown

Overall Statuses

  • offline: device is late in reporting the next reading
  • needs attention: there are one or more active alarms
  • healthy: there are no active alarms

Example 200 Response

        "nodeId": "A0000001",
        "lastReadingReceivedAt": "2022-09-01T17:28:01.183Z",
        "summaryPerCategory": [
                "alarmCategory": "activity",
                "summary": "OK"
                "alarmCategory": "communication",
                "summary": "OK"
                "alarmCategory": "power",
                "summary": "OK"
                "alarmCategory": "internalsensors",
                "summary": "OK"
                "alarmCategory": "accessorymodule",
                "summary": "OK"
        "batteryChargePercent": 99.6,
        "signalLevel": "4-excellent",
        "overallStatus": "healthy"